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Apr 22, 2014

Gents, are you looking for inspirations for HOW TO layer this Spring season that feels like Winter? I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with one of the doppest men’s fashion blogger in Boston, and to produce an amazing piece on effortlessly transitional menswear. The video above is only a preview. Check out the full editorial by Alexander Ingram of A Boston Blazer (click). 

Here’s the shout out to the brands that I am wearing in the video just in case you are curious:

Blazer// Peter Millar 

Vest, Shirt, and Trousers// JL Men’s by Jeff Lahens

Sweater// Ben Sherman

Undershirt// RibbedTee

Tie// Original Penguin

Bow tie (used as pocket square)// Bandari 

Belt// Reiss

Boots// Allen Edmonds

Socks// Happy Socks 

Sneakers// Jack Purcell by Converse

Oct 29, 2012

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories…

Ways to personalize your look and to add seasonal colors. Now, as the weather is chilling, simply adding a bright scarf or some patterned socks to a look is the easiest way to carry along those warm-weather colors into Fall. The good news too, in this season of layering, you really cannot go overboard, even if it’s only a pair of glasses. 


Dec 12, 2011 / 4 notes

Any Given Day: Boston by Men’s Style Curator Jeff Lahens at Boston Fashion Week 2011 ALSO featured the BEST looks available at premium men’s stores in Boston: Uniform Boston, Ball and Buck, Drinkwater’s Cambridge, and Bobby from Boston. Men’s furnishings included shoes and belts by Allen Edmonds, Goorin Brothers hats, Randolph Engineering sunglasses, and Happy Socks.

Thank you to Dynasty Models and Maggie, Inc.

Thank you Hogger & Co for capturing this phenomenal moment for the Boston menswear community. http://www.hoggerandco.com

Special thanks to http://avnifashion.com/